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Thanks for 5th Guys!

2011-06-20 02:26:44 by driscal

Although I'm pretty sure I just got lucky,it was a slow night and I'm pretty sure almost everything that was submitted was copied.Thanks for the support guys you have no idea how much this helps me.Thanks Tom and the Newgrounds Community,and a good morning to you all (In some places.)

Peter Griffin is a Catholic with a prominent Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts accent. Peter is a Mexican-born American after a failed abortion. He's the husband of Lois and the father of Chris and Stewie, and acts as father to Meg, although in the episode Screwed the Pooch it is revealed that Meg's real father's name is Stan Thompson (though Meg remains oblivious to this fact). He is the son of Thelma and Mickey McFinnigan, and is the stepson of Francis. Peter and the rest of the Griffins live in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island which is modeled after Cranston, Rhode Island. Peter primarily worked as a safety inspector at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, until his boss Jonathan Weed choked to death on a dinner roll; he then became a fisherman on his own boat, known as the S.S. More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk Put Together. with the help of two Portuguese immigrants, Santos and Pasqual, until his boat was destroyed. He now works in the shipping department of the Pawtucket Patriot brewery. Peter is also shown in various jobs for single episodes and cutaway gags.]

Peter enjoys watching television and hanging out with his friends. His best friends are Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Brian and Cleveland Brown prior to his moving to Stoolbend, VA. They enjoy hanging out at their local bar, The Drunken Clam, drinking and chewing the fat. The four men (often without Brian, although he has joined them on several occasions) do many things together. Once the four friends entered and won a costume contest at an 80s TV convention, dressing up as the A-Team. Among the members of his family, he tends to treat Meg with the least respect. However, he has treated her with respect on some occasions, such as in the episodes "Peter's Daughter" and "Road to Rupert", but these moments tend to not last for very long. The episode "I Dream of Jesus" reveals that Peter's favorite song is "Surfin' Bird", and loves the song to the point of repeatedly singing it, playing the record of it, and trying to convince others that "the bird is the word". He even does a public service announcement about it.

Family Guy uses a floating timeline in which the characters do not age much, so the show is always assumed to be set in the current year. However, several of the characters, such as Meg and Chris, have aged two to three years since the show's pilot episode, while others, such as Stewie and Brian, have remained the same age. In several episodes, events have been linked to specific times, although this timeline has been contradicted in subsequent episodes.

In a running gag, storylines are randomly interrupted by extremely long, unexpected fights between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken, an anthropomorphic chicken who serves as a rival to Peter.These battles parody the action film genre, with explosions, high-speed chases and immense devastation to the town of Quahog.

The title is the only characters I'll need.But seriously if your looking for a voice actor or designer,I'm your guy.PM me or leave a comment.
It wouldn't be a surprise if you left a comment about it.

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Like Art?

2011-06-12 17:59:54 by driscal

Check mine out.


2011-06-07 21:08:46 by driscal

Has anyone ever seen this movie and actually understood what was going on?I mean,I didn't even get what was happening before they showed what happened before that part.Yeah,I don't know what I said either.



2011-06-06 16:40:47 by driscal

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Paying for Virtual Items

2011-05-30 21:12:55 by driscal

I recently started playing LOTRO(Lord of the Rings Online)when I heard it became free.At first I was like,"This is gonna be sweet!"Then when I entered character creation I realized that there are 2 classes you have to pay for,which made me say to myself,"Really?!"Then once I got to the second area's first town,I got a mission that included buying a certain item(note the game starts you off with enough to buy the item.)When I went through the whole store that included these items,the whole thing made me want to to rip off my fingernails and stab them into my eyes.What do you guys think about games that claim to become free,then you have to pay for half the other stuff?

Tok & Jok in "Zap! Your it!"

2011-05-28 10:30:39 by driscal

Starting installment of the next episode in the Tok & Jok series and I would appreciate some help in doing so.If you are interested,please leave a comment or PM me.

TokBot vs. JokBot

2011-05-27 21:01:59 by driscal

Go watch it now and tell me what you think: /view/570909